Kristine has been training dogs for over 25 years.  She has achieved over a dozen obedience titles and over thirty Master Agility Championship titles.  She has trained various breeds over the years owned by herself and others.  Kristine’s objective in training is to discover what each dog likes and to work that into her training.  Each dog, like each child, learns differently and it is the trainer or teacher’s goal to engage the best method of learning for the student.

Kristine, as owner and lead trainer, oversees the training of each dog.  Each dog must pass Kristine’s temperament test to work for the company.  Testing a dog’s temperament is very important in the work they perform.  Each dog must have the determination and drive to get rid of the geese, ignore any people around them and never show any aggression toward people especially children.  As an American Kennel Club Agility judge, Kristine is exposed to many dogs and can easily read a dog’s body language to determine how they react in various situations.

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